How to Contact us

If you are in need of any updates regarding up coming meetings, events or even if you or a member of you family wishes to join the group, you may contact either of us by email at:

[email protected]

We will help answer any question you wish to raise with us.

5 thoughts on “How to Contact us

  1. Good Evening,

    I am enquiry about putting my son on the waiting list for your Beaver group. He has only just turned 5 on the 6th September.

    Could you please if this is possible?

    Kind Regards

    Sarah Saunders

    • Dear Mrs. Saunders,

      I am pleased you wish you son to attend our Beaver section for 1st Great Horkesley. We will able to invest him when he turns 6. So I would suggest when he is closer to 6 say within 3 weeks, you may bring your son down to a few of our meetings so he may be comfortable with what activities we do.

      Until that time, I would be more than happy to put him on our waiting list. We work on a school term basis as well, so it is easy to find out when our meetings start and finish throughout the year.

      If you have any other enquiries, do feel free to email me again.

      With Kind Regards

      William Groom

      1st Great Horkesley Beavers

  2. Hi I am interested in putting my son Lewis into your beaver scouts he is 6yr old. Would this be possible if you have any vacancies.
    With Regards
    Ray Philpot

  3. Hi there
    My son is interested in joining beavers. He is 7. How do we go about joining him up?
    Many thanks

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